The Hockey Hall Of Fame
The Hockey Hall of Fame
From the museum in Toronto Canada.

Affiliated website. Toronto Maple Leaf:

I chose this website as I actually visited the museum when I was living in Toronto through 2006 -07. The museum itself is fantastic with many different special Exhibits, much information and lots to see. After looking through this site it’s obvious that it is crammed with information yet isn’t how I would expect a museum site to be laid out, It’s clearly based around written information for hockey and leaf fans rather then pictures of what the museum itself actually contains, perhaps that is where this site is different from a traditional “museum” website.

The Home page consists of two websites built into one effectively. The “hockey hall of” and the legends of On this home page as seen from the screen grabs all the info is then categorised into two different sections. The hockey hall of fame side has links to the following.

*General Information
*Facility Rentals
*Resource Centre
*Exhibits Tour

  • Time Capsule

*Face off Interplay

  • Education Program

*Stanley Cup Journal

The Legends of side has these categorises.

*Honoured Members
*Induction Showcase

  • Gallery

*Game Time
*NHL Player Search
*Silverware & Winners

Also below the main section on the home page there are also other areas of the site you can go to, including
*Info – admission costs, opening times, contact etc
*Hall Highlights – minor hockey league team special offers, Toronto city passes.
*Online Exclusives – survey contests, 2008 spotlight
*Online Store – DVD’s hockey merchandise.

All in all I found this site to be tremendously informative for the budding Canadian hockey fan, yet viewing this site after visiting the museum itself, I feel It could of given more of an insight as to what the museum itself looks like. However this site is much more than just a site for the museum itself.

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