Submission Requirements

The Design Collection Requirements

Research (to be included in the wiki)

  • Review existing web site(s)
    • Where do they follow best practise
    • Where do they fail at best practise
    • Have they forgotten about best practise anywhere?
  • Review of Design Collection content
    • Suitable items
    • Interview with Ruth Brown
    • Suitable formats
      • rough sketches on how to present collection images from search
      • Research audience we'll assume for the moment that it is just for design students at staffs (like you).

Practical Understanding

  • How to develop the design of content managed websites (Drupal)
  • How to customised templates (Themes)
  • Good use of menus to rationalise the site content

Screen-grab of any example of the above

  • in the Mac CW2, the software is called IShowU — you need to talk to Matt Buckingham to do this:
    • He has Microphones
    • He can set it up to record (though it very easy).
  • On PCs you can download and use Windows media encoder 9 or 10
    • It is fairly easy to set-up, but you'll need a mic
    • Follow the record screen wizard to record
  • Upload to You-tube (you'll need to join)
    • view what you've uploaded
    • copy the html for "embed this video" into wiki (using the camera wizard button above the edit box)

Ability to create effective visual communication

  • Developed the design of content-managed web pages and have developed usable, functional and rational navigation
    • Plan and build a website
    • Design is visually appealing and communicates a well focused message that is readily understood by the users
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