Natural History Museum

I have chosen the Natural history museum as i like many things about this website, they have chosen bright and vibrant colours
which are pleasing to the eye and take your eye across the sections so you look at each individual area of the website.
The 'N' at the top which is the title on each page the image inside it changes to compliment what information is on the page,
also they place a picture on the page which interacts with the layout for example the frog on the main page looks
like he is climbing on the menu bar which is fun for all ages who visit the site. The top menu bar holds the basic information
only seven tabs used as one is the home page, the text is clear and simple so all are able to see it clearly and navigate through
the site with ease. when one of the menu items are selected it takes you onto that relevant page and then a secondary menu bar appears
of useful information about the content on that particular page. I like the way they used bright but simple colours and also have photos
on the page but also interacting with the content that is what i would like to incorporate that into my design collection website
if i am able to do that then i will be happy that i have achieved what i wanted to do!

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