Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum -
I found this site to be quite dull visually but the way its layed
out and how the informations displayed seemed to be quite user


Banner- Quite plain and simple containing the title and a single image,
not really all that interesting, could be improved by possibly brighter
colours or a bit more imagery.

Top Navigation - these links take the user to the pages of museums in
various locations around the country. Also to pages in relation to the IWM.
Essentially this is tha navigation thats the same throught out the whole site,
it never changes. This is a good idea as the user always knows where the
links are, and what they've already viewed.

Left Navigation - this is to navigate through out the site once you have
selected which area of the country you want to view. This menu varies
depending on which you go on (IWM London/IWM Duxford etc). The colour of
the menu always stays the same as the Banner, keeping the same theme
through out the page.

Main Content - i like the way this is layed out, because obviously this site
has stacks of information within it, but each section is summed up by a thumbnail
and a snippet of text to give the user an idea of whats in that section.

Adverts - Just promoting whats going on in the museum, and trying to get
users to donate for various things…..
Basically the sites money maker!!

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