Existing Museum Designs

National Media Museum


Although i find this design visualy pleasing and i particularly like the amount of information available on a single page i find its useability and especially it visual appeal to its younger audience to be small. I feel that its small fonts and close design gives the impression of an overcrowded website and the large amount of text certainly made me ignore it all together. I do however find the neat design quite appealing to a more business market including possibly possible investors. I also find the different sections very relevant, including the exhibition and plan a trip options. The plan a trip selection seemed a particularly relevant idea and includes a museum map, how to find the place, what can be done there and prices. This is very helpful and easy to use with all that is needed in one place with no overload of information.

Bradford Salts Mill

However i find this website fantastic the interface is incredibly useable aswell as quite fun. I believe it is accessible for all audiences and especially a younger audience. The sound although soothing does become slightly annoying and while browsing i did end up muting my computer. the different sections are simple and concise and give the information easily and simply without throwing it at you. In comparison to the previous site this is light simple and fun compared to the unclear overload of information that was the previous site.

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